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We began the process of our first mortgage in Nov. 2014.

Our home builder recommend Guild Mortgage, so we decided to use them and what a huge mistake that was!! We have never went through something as stressful as getting a mortgage with Guild. Our loan officer was completely unprofessional and incompetent. She never called us to give us updates on our mortgage, we always had to call her.

She would ask us do do something or send her some paperwork, we would , and then she would say we needed something different. The underwriter for our loan would not take a stamped and signed copy of our bank statement, which is what our loan officer told us we needed. She stated that the underwriter was the worst one we could get and that he lived to make people's lives miserable. He was so bad that they finally had to go over his head and get someone else to approve the stamped and signed bank statement.

We did a USDA mortgage and she stated it had to be closed within 60 days. I asked her what day we had to close by, so that I could give our landlord a 30 day notice. She stated we had to close our loan by April 28th. I told my landlord we would be out by May 1st.

Around April 18th, the loan officer informed us she had given me the wrong date and we actually had until June 9th to close. So, that meant we were going to be homeless for a month, but thankfully our landlord and the new tenants worked with us. We were also told that we would not need to bring any money to closing and that we would actually get money back at closing. No one from Guild called us to go over closing or see if we had any questions.

We got to the lawyers office to do our closing, no one from Guild showed up (which apparently is normal), and the lawyer tells us we have to pay almost $500.00!!! We were not prepared to pay anything! Before our first mortgage payment was due they transferred our loan to Chase, and we were very thankful because I never want to deal with Guild again.

Do not waste your time or sanity with them. Choose professionals that know what they are doing.

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment at Guild Mortgage. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Guild Mortgage to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

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Sounds like there more to the story... Used Guild many times and it was great!!!

to Anonymous Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States #1175868

Sounds like you work for them. Cause they really suck balls.

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